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Convert PRTools dataset or datafile to image

    IM = DATA2IM(A,J)
    IM = DATA2IM(A(J,:))

 A Dataset or datafile containing images
 J Desired images

 IM If A is dataset, IM is a X*Y*N*K matrix with K images.
 K is the number of images (length(J))
 N is the number of bands per image.
 N = 3 for RGB images, N = 1 for gray value images.
           If A is a datafile, IM is a cell array of K images.


An image, or a set of images stored in the objects or features of the  dataset A are retrieved and returned as a 3D matrix IM. In case A is a  datafile the images are stored in a cell array, except when a single  image is requested.

See also

datasets, im2obj, im2feat,

PRTools contents

PRTools manual