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Mapping image bands to objects

    B = BAND2OBJ(A,N)
    W = BAND2OBJ([],N)
    B = A*W

 A Dataset or datafile with multiband image objects.
 N Number of successive bands to be combined in an object.  The number of image bands in A should be multiple of N.  Default N = 1.

 W Mapping performing the band selection
 B Output dataset or datafile.


If the objects in a dataset or datafile A are multi-band images, e.g. RGB images, or the result of IM_PATCH, then the featsize of A is [C,R,L] for  for L bands of a C x R image. This routine combines sets of N successive  bands as separate objects. The total number of objects is thereby  enlarged by a factor L/N. All information of the constituting objects  like labels, is copied to the newly created objects.

Note: BAND2OBJ cannot be applied to datafiles for which already a  bandselection (BANDSEL) has been defined.

See also

datasets, datafiles, bandsel, im2obj, data2im,

PRTools contents

PRTools manual